Who can be Fire Fit -

Everyone wants to be Fire Fit; from Ironman Competitors seeking to increase their stamina to your neighbor reaching for a robust morning brew that isn't coffee. Fire Fit Cacao helps you move mountains and motivate your ascent, while our apparel & gear will outfit you for anything~ whether it's stone lifting, strolling the trail or setting up for the next wave.

Our single source, stone ground, non-alkalized, hand crafted cacao products which are grown on Hawaiian crown lands match your dedication to performance and wellbeing.

While Eros Summer, our handmade crochet beach collection will let you show off all that hard work you’ve put in at the gym. After all, our power comes with a purpose -Enjoy Life!

Our Style ~ Your Strength

In addition to developing specialty hand crafted cacao tea blends, our family is passionate about designing apparel that performs with style to compliment your strength.

inward journeys can begin in the wilds

Whether connecting with family or reflecting on ones place in nature, the importance of experiencing outdoors is immeasurable. We found that in order to reach the places and potential our hearts guided us towards, our path required strength and discipline, often found in the gym. 

Light the path, find a way

Whether you select Breath of Fire all natural cacao preworkout, or a pair of Sky Dragon Runners, Fire Fit Cacao & Camping wants to prepare you for whatever is on your path...

& just like in life, you can always discover something new here.