Fire Fit Cacao Sponsor's Athletes' Fall training

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Fire Fit Cacao Sponsor's Athletes' Fall training

From our family to yours, Fire Fit Cacao is excited to announce that with the enthusiastic help of the folks at Anime Physique we have selected several athletes active across a variety of disciplines to sponsor with our product for the fall/winter quarter. 

We will be sharing Interviews conducted by the crew at Anime Physique and are as excited as you are to watch their performance and challenges as we approach 2021 with all the goals and milestones that will pass along the way.  

Give our social media a follow @Firefitcacao Twitter & IG  as well as the adventures of @anime_physique on IG (@AnimePhysique on Twitter) and watch for give-a-ways and your chance to be featured in an interview and immortalized by the talented artists at Anime Physique. 

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