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this roast is inspired by the origins of modern body building as we know it  when Eugene Sandow challenged his peers in 1901, this classic has the strength to satisfy

Ingredients: Hawaiian Cacao Nibs, Roasted Cacao Husks, & Determination

how to brew- In general use half as much as you would when brewing coffee, as these blends are a whole food product, meaning your brew even contains the cacao butter, which can slow your brewing method if overfilled. As with all teas serving strength is subjective.
Each blend can be brewed to your specific taste & preference, some enjoy cacao brew rich and robust, while many savor it as a light tea and still others find bliss in it as an essence. 

French press (most robust) 
Pour over
Tea Steeping or infuser ball 
Cold brew tea infuser
Drip coffee maker (small quantities)

pod containers (small quantities)

Hot brew yields
a 3 ounce package = 6-12 servings
a 7 ounce package = 14-28 servings
a 10 ounce package = 20-40 servings
a 13 ounce package = 26-52 servings or more

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